Entering & Exiting:

~ Students will be required to sanitize their hands at the sanitizer station located at the front entrance

~ All persons are required to wear a mask upon entering & exiting the building

~ One person (or family) in the ’boot room’ at a time

~ To maintain social distancing, students should stand on the floor markers in the lobby area

~ Coat hooks in the lobby area will be closed.  Students should bring their items with them into the dance rooms and place them on designated space provided

~ Please do not arrive earlier than 10 minutes before class

Scheduling of Classes:

~ Classes have been staggered to the best of our ability to allow for traffic flow

~ All student absences should be reported to the front office by phone or email


~ Students are encouraged to use the washroom at home to minimize washroom use at the studio

~ Washrooms will be sanitized at the end of each night


~ The lobby and parent waiting area will be closed in accordance with AHS guidelines

~ Parents of children 7 years & younger are required to walk their child into the building and then into the dance room 

~ AHS precaution and prevention posters are clearly visible and displayed around the studio as reminders for physical distancing and hygiene protocols

Classroom Expectations:

~ Students dance in their own personal space based on tape lines

~ Masks, while dancing, are optional 

~ Proper footwear must be worn at all times - NO BARE FEET

~ Props will only be used if easily sanitized between each use and done by a TDP staff member

~ Barres, door handles and other high touch surface areas will be sanitized between each class

~ Floors will be sanitized at the end of each night

~ If a student is feeling unwell anytime during class, they are required to inform the instructor or assistant.  The student will be removed from the classroom and a parent will be notified to pick them up.


~ All staff members are required to follow all AHS guidelines

~ May enter all dance spaces to correct and spot while wearing a mask

~ Wash/sanitize hands frequently

~ Will have access to cleaning kits in each dance room

**these protocols are subject to change as per AHS guidlines**