About Dasha

Ballet & Lyrical

Dasha was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta.  She started her dance training at Dance Alberta in her home town and studied various forms of dance such as ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, contemporary and hip hop.

At the Age of 13, Dasha was accepted to the School of Alberta Ballet in Calgary, and moved there shortly after the ninth grade.  While living in Calgary, Dasha focused on ballet and contemporary, and was exposed to many great teachers, choreographers and various artists that inspired her.

Dasha has been taught by various dancers from Ballet BC, Paul Taylor Company and the Royal Ballet.

She has performed in many shows across Canada which have broadened her ability to share her love of dance.

Dasha was one of the few graduates from the Dedicated Contemporary Stream at the School of Alberta Ballet. In addition, Dasha is very fascinated by different styles of choreography, which she is still working on, including a piece she choreographed with another artist on the schools Contemporary Stream.

She is very excited to share her passion and knowledge with younger generations.

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