About Patricia

Hip Hop

Miss Patty started out as a recreational dancer at the age of 12.  Her dance journey began by taking part in Louis St. Laurent Catholic School’s Fine Arts program for grade 7 - 12, where she received training in various styles of dance such as Jazz, Contemporary, Ballet and Modern.  Our of curiosity, Patricia auditioned and performed in her very first Hip Hop group; Louis Crew in 2011.  This sparked her interest for Hip Hop.  Along with all the different disciplines of dance, Patricia began to fall in love with the art, the work, and the freedom that dance gave her.

From 2013-2014, Patricia took an extra step to expand her knowledge and training as a choreographer.  She started assisting classes and choreographing a piece for Louis Crew’s showcase.  In the same year, she started training at the Kore Dance Studio.  She trained under some various talented choreographers such as; Carlo Atienza, Alexander Chung, Jenny Luo, Raymond Bulatao, Toni Shenfield, Josh Capulong and Melanie Hidalgo.  Having amazing teachers and influencers, she attained great values, strong work ethics and the desire to share her newfound passion.

Patricia auditioned for NXG Company, a professional dance team directed by Alexander Chung.  Throughout her time with the company she took part in benefit shows and performances such as Stand Up For Love, Youth Day, Lights, and later on choreographed a piece for their performance at WeBenefit.  She took part in NXG’s show "Energy" in Los Angeles where famous world class dancers such as Janelle Ginestra and WildaBeast attended.  With NXG she competed at Artists Emerge, Represent and World of Dance Edmonton.

Recently, Patricia has been training with Cool Giraffes, a professional dance team directed by Randall Mella and Thomas Boivin.  They travelled to Montreal to compete at Hip Hop International where they received 1st place and a ticket to represent Canada at Hip Hop International Finals in Arizona.  

Patricia strives to be a great teacher and an even better leader and role model in the dance community.  Her biggest passions in life are teaching and dancing, so she is constantly finding ways to positively impact and inspire dancers.

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