Preschool Dance Classes in Spruce Grove

The Dance Place Inc. provides preschool dance classes to help kids ages 3-5 build confidence and poise while inspiring dedication, teamwork and discipline. 

 Preschool Dance Lessons include:

  •  Tap
  • Ballet
  • Jazz
  • Hip Hop Dance

Full Year Lessons for 3 - 5 Year Olds

Preschool Dance Classes

**All class day/times are subject to change due to AHS regulation updates**

During this time of COVID:  Preschool dancers may have ONE parent remain in the lobby during class time, social distanced with a mask.


Future Stars - 3 Year Olds *should be 3 years by Jan 1/21

This combined Tap/Ballet class introduces our youngest dancers to the exciting world of dance!  We start out in our Tap shoes learning the basic Tap steps, large motor skills, right & left and directions.  We change into our ballet slippers and explore the excitement of Ballet through imagination & story telling!  This is a non-parented class.

Future Star class:      REGISTRATION CLOSED


Rising Stars - 4 Year Olds *should be 4 by Jan 1/21
Our preschool tap dance and ballet combination class is full of fun!   Although this class is a continuation of our Future Stars program, dancers may register for this class without completing Future Stars.  This is a non-parented class.

Rising Stars class:     REGISTRATION CLOSED



All Stars - 3/4 & 5 YEAR Olds
A Combination of tap & ballet for all preschool aged children.  All our "stars" programs rolled into one!  This is a non-parented class.

All Stars class:     REGISTRATION CLOSED



Kinderkids - 5 Year Olds *should be 5 by Jan 1/21
A combination of tap & jazz.  This preschool dance class focuses on team work, co-ordination, directions, musicality and of course FUN!  This is a non-parented class.

Kinderkids class:     REGISTRATION CLOSED



Tiny Tutus - 3/4/5 Year Olds
Ballet and creative movement is explored through imagination and storytelling.  We are "planting Ballet gardens", catching butterflies, being prince & princesses and much much more!  This is a non-parented class.

Tiny Tutus class:  REGISTRATION CLOSED - check out our 8 week sessions!



Mini Movers - 4 & 5 Year Olds
Your child will learn the basics of dance in this high energy hip hop preschoolers dance class!  All music and choreography is AGE APPROPRIATE.  This is a non-parented class.

Mini Movers class:  REGISTRATION CLOSED - check out our 8 week sessions!

**All above classes are $52 - 9 monthly installments- GST included and run from September to May.  All classes will take part in our Christmas concert in December and our year end Recital in May.  Both performances are held locally at Horizon Stage.

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