About Miranda


Miss Miranda began dancing at 3 years old.  She started in the recreational program and then progressed into a highly competitive and decorated dancer having classically trained in ballet, pointe, jazz, acro, lyrical and contemporary.  Never missing an opportunity to dancer she has traveled to New York, Los Angeles, Vancouver and more to train in all styles as well as various other commercial classes.

She started assisting at 12 years old, and by 15 she was teaching her own classes.

She is a MuvMethod certified instructor and has taken teacher training courses in acro, jazz, ballet and holistic dance instruction.  She is currently part of Motives Dance Company, which has assisted in cultivating her unique style while maintaining her technical foundations.

Students in Miss Miranda’s classes can expect to be welcomed into an inclusive and positive atmosphere.  She provides dance instruction with a human-first approach meant to instill confidence, perseverance and ingenuity that can be carried outside of the classroom walls.