About Thomas

Hip Hop

Thomas Boivin started his dance life at a very young age.  When he was 3 his parents put him into recreational Tap classes and then at the age of 6 into Hip Hop.  Thomas instantly fell in love with the art of dance because it was a fun and easy way to express himself.

Thomas has had the opportunity to work with some of Canada’s greatest talents in Tap, Hip Hop and Urban dance.  He is a seasoned faculty member at many studios across Alberta and continues to travel around Canada doing guest choreography and holding workshops wherever he goes.  He is continuing to gain a reputation throughout Canada as not just a dancer, but a choreographer as well.

Thomas has worked with many great choreographers and dance icons such as; Danny Neilsen, Tara-Jean Popowich, FeFe Burgos, Sara Reich, Alexander Chung, Carlo Atienza, CJ Salvador and Johnny "JBlaze" Erasme to name a few.  Thomas if frequently performing in shows and productions.  He’s been a part of shows like; Energy (Los Angeles), Hip Hop for Hope, 4KBK Benefit Concert, YEG Kinesis, Stand Up For Love and even taking part in producing shows around Edmonton such as; For the Love of Tap (2017), Eshajori (2017) and Golden Era (2018).

As often as Thomas performs, he trains even more.  Travelling to conventions such as Monsters of Hip Hop, Build-A-Beast Experience, Radix Dance Conventions and numerous workshops and drop ins, as well as taking frequent training trips to LA to be among the best in the industry.  Thomas is a firm believer that great teachers will always be great students first, so he incorporates the rigorous training he receives into his own classes to give his students the highest level of training.

Thomas has been part of many professional and semi-professional teams in his career.  Some notable ones would be; NXG Company, NXG Juniors, Spirit Boys and Menergy.  Currenntly, Thomas is directing his own professional team "COOL GIRAFFES" alongside his good friend Randal Mella.  Recently the team has made huge waves in the Canadian dance scene winning competitions like Represent (1st Place 2018) and Hip Hop International Canadian Finals (1st Place 2019).  Cool Giraffes made a run in the world renown Hip Hop International competition last year, placing 3rd in the Canadian finals and then 13th in the world in Phoenix, AZ.

Thomas trains extensively in the competition aspect of dance, but is also pursuing a career on the commercial side.  He went on tour in 2017 with local artist Lia Cole and traveled to Singapore to perform in the opening ceremonies of the One Championship Martial Arts Competition which aired worldwide on pay per view television.  As well as being in both music videos (Lia Cole "Hooked", Asim Chin "Colours") and choreographing (Jasmine Singh "Villian") he strives to gain more knowledge and experience in the industry as a young dancer trying to pursue his dream.

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